Small details make a big difference

The ideal Gaius bathroom unit is composed of premium furnishings and equipment whose sitting is determined with care to ensure optimum usability. All details, from lighting and colouring to materials and design, promote users’ independence and reduce the assistants’ workload.

Improved independence, reduced workload

The sitting of the furnishings and auxiliary equipment in Gaius bathrooms has been carefully researched and tested, taking into consideration the needs of both users and care personnel. The Gaius solutions promote the independence of the elderly and disabled in bathroom and toilet facilities, and thus reduce the workload of assistants and care personnel.

Functional, safe, and ergonomic

In the design of Gaius bathrooms, special attention has been paid to the ergonomics of both users and assistants. Advanced solutions are used to increase safety and minimize the risk of falls and other accidents. The choice of product colours, the use of indirect light, and the soft general colouring in the bathroom facilitate the gauging of distances and space, prevent reflections, and thus reduce the risk of inaccurate interpretations.

Well-thought-out, economic use of space

Well-thought-out, functional bathroom units are also cost-efficient. In wet rooms, each square metre saved reduces overall costs.