The elements of accessible bathrooms

With premium bathroom furnishings and a diverse selection of auxiliary and other equipment in different colours, the planning of functional and comfortable sanitary facilities is easy. All factors supporting usability have been taken into account in our product design.

Antimicrobial materials

The bacteria-killing BioCote protected surfaces in antimicrobial bathrooms reduce the risk of cross contamination through furniture. A durable coating that destroys bacteria improves cleanability and reduces the environmental burden.

Our antimicrobial basins are made of a durable composite material and cultured marble. Antimicrobial hand and support rails with an elastomeric coating complete the set.

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The contrast colours in Gaius support rails facilitate spatial perception. Red works best in gripping surfaces. The colours used in doors, handholds and the toilet seat are also important. The Gaius cabinets also have safety colour edges. The Gaius lamp produces a soft, yet sufficiently bright light similar to daylight.


The safety of washing has been ensured with handholds that facilitate spatial perception; non-slip support rails; and shower seats. Product structures with ESD protection prevent disturbances in electronic devices caused by electrostatic discharge.

Essential care equipment and instruments can be placed in cabinets with magnetic locks, where they are accessible only to authorised users.